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I spend most of my time working on projects listed in this section.

Enarx (January 2020 – present) (Rust)

Enarx is a set of tools for deploying WebAssembly into trusted execution environments.

I am a member of the core team. I develop features, tooling, and tests to enable AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) technology support in Enarx.

Primary Contributions:

  • SEV backend in enarx-keepldr: a Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) built on top of KVM to load and run the trusted enarx shim (microkernel) and WebAssembly runtime.
  • Remote AMD SEV attestation protocol: a well-defined protocol to allow a remote tenant to participate in cryptographic attestation with the AMD Secure Processor to launch their secure VM and safely deliver confidential information into it.

I am most active on these Enarx repositories: enarx-keepldr, sev, sevctl

Other Active Projects

Most all of my side projects can be found my Github profile.

I’m not currently developing a non-trivially-sized side project, but feel free
to check back later or browse some of my git repositories using the links above 🙂

Inactive Projects (Completed or Abandoned)

tftp (October 2020) (Rust)

An implementation of the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP; RFC 1350) complete with a client and server.

clang-randstruct (September 2019 – March 2020) (C++)

A greenfield reimplementation of the original gcc plugin for compile-time structure field layout randomization as a hardening technique for Clang

Open Source Contributions

I have contributed to a few open source projects throughout the years. The
entries in this section are still things I’m really excited about, but haven’t
contributed to with enough frequency or consistency to consider it a project
of mine.

This list is not exhaustive, but these are the contributions I’m most
excited to talk about.

Linux kernel (C)