sevctl available soon in Fedora 34

I am pleased to announce that sevctl will be available in the Fedora repositories starting with Fedora 34. Fedora is the first distribution to include sevctl in its repositories 🎉.

sevctl is an administrative utility for managing the AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) platform, which is available on AMD’s EPYC processors. It makes many routine AMD SEV tasks quite easy, such as:

  • Generating, exporting, and verifying a certificate chain
  • Displaying information about the SEV platform
  • Resetting the platform’s persistent state

As of this writing, Fedora 34 is entering its final freeze, but sevctl is queued for inclusion once Fedora 34 thaws. sevctl is already available in Fedora Rawhide for immediate use.

Please submit all bug reports, patches, and feature requests to sevctl’s upstream repository on GitHub.

Binary RPMs can be found in the rust-sevctl packaging repo.